I always wanted to know my family history as my family and a sense of belonging has been so important to me. So what you did in finding my families gave me the many facets that make up my heritage. What makes me me was always the burning question. So now I can pass this onto my children and their children and also we can talk about the military history people, the farmers and even elusive, lovable Louis.

Its great to know I belong and where I fit into history.” 

 Suzanne Turton, Cairns, Australia

“Thank you so much for researching my family tree and unearthing all those wonderful stories about my ancestors. I always thought I had Jewish ancestry somewhere and you confirmed that by finding I’m descended on my mother’s side from the Winkelman’s of Prussia in the 18th century.” 
Mollie Vale, London

"I’ve always been aware of my Irish ancestry on both my paternal and maternal lines but never knew know where they came from. You managed to track them down to County Cork and found out all about their lives in the docks of East London. I was very interested too to learn more about my Grandfather who fought with the Middlesex Regiment in the Boer War in South Africa. Thank you."

James McSweeney, London


“Many thanks for a very informative and beautifully  illustrated family ancestry reports for both my mother’s and father's family trees.  I found out that my father's family lived in the Norfolk village of Heydon where generations of the Wright family worked as gamekeepers for the Heydon estate.  Military service, local Parish and other records provided details of my families involvement in WW1 and WW2 and so much more.”

Steve Wright, Hertfordshire

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